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About us


Established in 2008.


Zen Sushi Bistro – Millbrae established its name in 2008 as the chic and classy new sushi restaurant in town. More than 10 years later, Zen Sushi Bistro has settled into a homely neighborhood vibe. The head chef, Kikuo, offers a diverse menu of Japanese cuisine at a reasonable price, including a variety of creative and tasty sushi, donburi, udon, and sukiyaki. A great place to gather with friends to relax and listen to music, indulging in our variety of sake imported straight from Japan. 

At Zen Sushi Bistro, we strongly believe in the fundamental principles of Japanese culinary tradition. We use only the freshest seasonal ingredients to create food which is bold in its simplicity. Nothing is overcooked; there are only degrees of rawness. It is a way of preparation which respects what we eat, keeps it close to its natural essence, and awakens our senses. Enjoy the sudden freshness of traditional Japanese cuisine in our modern, comfy izakaya atmosphere – we know you’ll love it. 

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